Network of online sensors monitors Burgos water quality 24/7.

Acciona-Burgos-sensorThe city of Burgos is one of four demonstration locations in the SW4EU project. One of the focus areas in the Burgos demonstration site is the detection of anomalies in water quality and integration of this information with other data streams into the water management solution that SW4EU partner Acciona is setting up. For water quality monitoring, a network of Optiqua EventLab sensors has been deployed in the Burgos distribution network.
EventLab is a solution for on-line, real-time, monitoring changes in water quality. It is optimised for deployment as a network of sensors to monitor the drinking water distribution networks. In Burgos EventLab will identify and track quality changes in the network in real-time and help in understanding the dynamics in water quality during distribution.
The major components of the EventLab early warning system are an optical sensor, data transmission infrastructure and software for data analysis and event detection. The measurement of the Optiqua EventLab system is based on detection of minute changes in the Refractive Index of the water matrix. Refractive Index (RI) is a generic indicator of water quality as any substance, when dissolved in water, will change the refractive index of the water matrix. The Refractive Index measurement makes the Optiqua EventLab system unique as it offers a truly generic sensor system for water quality, which is sensitive to any type of dissolved chemical substance.