Spiking experiments on EventLab to changes in water quality

To test the response of EventLab to changes in water quality under operational conditions (determination of detection limits), a series of spiking experiments was designed and performed on 14 and 15 February 2017. In these tests, one EventLab system was disconnected from the water supply and installed in a closed loop setup in order to dose chemicals without interfering with the water supply. The loop consisted of a 150L open tank filled with 100L of drinking water, the EventLab system and a pump to recycle the water. The flow provided by the pump was much higher than necessary for running the EventLab sensor, therefore a T-piece was installed between the pump and the EventLab sensor allowing the majority of the water to circulate freely (ensuring rapid mixing and homogenising of the water after dosing) and smaller side stream was fed through the EventLab sensor.