ACCIONA Agua certified as a Siemens and Schneider Electric systems integrator

ACCIONA Agua will contribute its experience of automation systems and water cycle processes to both companies through to these alliances

ACCIONA Agua, through its Automation and Control Department, has closed two important strategic agreements with Schneider Electric and Siemens, which will strengthen the company’s position as a certified integrator of industrial automation systems and an expert in water cycle processes. Under these agreements, ACCIONA Agua is certified as an “Alliance Integrator Partner” for Schneider Electric and an “OEM Process Integrator” for Siemens, which will complement and add value to the services of these two leading companies in designing and manufacturing automation and industrial control solutions.

These certifications mean that ACCIONA Agua is now part of the group of qualified partners committed to Schneider Electric’s and Siemens’ most advanced engineering tools and technologies. The certification programs accredit ACCIONA Agua’s qualifications and ability to integrate these systems and technologies.

These alliances will enable comprehensive automation systems and solutions to be implemented and put into operation, providing specialist knowledge about process programming techniques and, in particular, about processes related to the integral water cycle in which ACCIONA Agua is an expert.

The company is strengthening its commitment to technological development, focused on value generation and the search for efficient and competitive solutions based on innovation in the complete water cycle, from the design of plants and projects through to their long-term operation across every discipline – production, control, reporting, processes and safety.     

ACCIONA Agua’s Automation and Control Department specialises in diverse areas (telecommunications, IT, industrial and automation) and focuses on programming plant control systems, remote controls and software for industrial applications.

“These agreements represent yet another step in ACCIONA Agua’s strategy to become an advanced technology partner and to continue developing innovative projects in the sector, positioning the ACCIONA Agua brand at the highest and most competitive technological level”, said Alejandro Beivide, Automation & Control Manager at ACCIONA Agua.