Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation Services Annual Meeting

AEAS (the Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation Services) organized its biannual meeting on 24-26 May in the city of Tarragona. This is one of the main events regarding the urban water sector in Spain, since it brings together 600 congressmen, technicians and specialists from different companies, institutions, agencies and public administrations, which are characterized by being at the forefront of state of the art technology. Topics of the selected papers were very wide-ranging and divided in four thematic areas: water supply, waste water treatment, legislation & corporate management and digital transformation. Among its various presentations, ACCIONA Agua counted with Adrian Campos, engineer from the Automation & Control Dpt., who had the privilege of presenting the SW4EU project as well as the work done so far. It was a wonderful showcase for SmartWater4Europe and the SWM applications demonstrated.