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Posts by Catalina Pedraza

A new step towards pressure transient...

Thames Water has developed a novel solution for understanding pressure transients in clean water networks. By applying machine-learning techniques on high-resolution pressure data from Syrinix PipeMinder-S (PM-S) devices, the Innovation team at Thames Water have been able to classify a majority of transients as normal network operations, and highlight unusual pressure events worthy of further […]

Interview with Ali Fanshawe, Metering...

What follows is a full transcript of the interview, with permission from SMI and Ali SMI Group will welcome the expertise of Ali Fanshawe, Metering Strategy Manager from Thames Water when she presents at Smart Water Systems Conference this April in London. Through her presentations, Ali will discuss a new customer engagement programme with leakage […]

Energy visualisation at the Smart Wat...

Dr. Esther Goya and Dr. Johannes Andersen from Thames Water presented at the 6th annual Smart Water System Conference that took place in London on the 24th and 25th of April   Organised by SMI, the conference discussed the challenges and new developments of the implementation of smart meters as well as the value of […]

Understanding network energy

Johannes Andersen and Esther Goya, Thames Water’s representatives on the Smart Water 4 Europe project, examine how energy modelling and visualisation are bringing benefits right across the company’s pipe system   How energy-efficient is our network in delivering water? Are there areas with hydraulic restrictions? Are there any ‘hotspots’ that consume a significant proportion of […]

Leak-detecting smart meters are putti...

Thames Water has been installing the water industry’s latest smart meter technology in the borough since May 2016 as part of its capital-wide metering programme to help save water. So far, 15,165 smart meters have been installed in Haringey, with thousands more expected to be fitted over the next year. Early results show customers who […]

Yves Abou Rjeily, PhD student at Lill...

Yves spent a month with Thames Water’s Innovation team in a rich exchange of knowledge and ideas In April, Yves’ presented his research on the management and durability of wastewater systems within smart cities. The presentation covered the progress of his work in the Lille Demo site and the transformation from passive static to active […]

SW4EU in the WWT Water Industry Techn...

Dr Paul Rutter, Water Innovation Manager, Thames Water and Dr Joby Boxall, Professor of Water Infrastructure and Engineering, The University of Sheffield represented Smart Water 4 Europe at the WWT Water Industry Technology Innovation Conference last December the 1st, 2015. Smart Water for Europe’s presentation discussed the start of the journey to smart water companies […]

SW4EU present at Amsterdam Internatio...

SW4EU present at Amsterdam International Water Week A group of SW4EU partners, from Vitens, Quasset, S::can, Thames Water and Optiqua Technology, delivered the workshop “Overcoming the obstacles for smart water networks” at the Amsterdam International Water Week 2015. Over 1100 delegates took part the Amsterdam International Water Week conference. Organised by IWA, the Amsterdam International […]

University of Sheffield wins major na...

Research to tackle ‘grand challenges’ for water sector gets £3.9m boost A new £3.9million research project has been awarded to ensure the UK maintains a clean, sustainable water supply for the future. The project – led by the University of Sheffield – will help the UK water sector tackle key challenges, including population growth, ageing […]

Lille and Reading demo sites share so...

A month scientific visit From France to the United Kingdom Elias Farah, PhD student in Civil Engineering on the subject “Use of the Smart Water System for the detection and localization of water leakage – Application to SunRise demonstrator” at University Lille I – Sciences and Technologies – Laboratory of Civil Engineering and geo-Environment, spent […]

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