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Posts by Emmanuelle Juran

Developing Smart Water Networks Acros...

Developing Smart Water Networks Across Europe The UK government is looking to complete a nationwide roll-out of smart-meters by 2019. However, the smart metering mandate is currently only scoped to cover the energy sector consisting of electricity and gas. Andy Slater argues that why this should cover water and how smart water networks can alleviate […]

Acciona Agua Scada database

Acciona Agua Scada database During the first months of 2017, the information structure necessary for collecting data from the S :: CAN probe has been set up and the best way of obtaining the data has been assessed with the other partners. Finally, it was decided to use the Burgos water network for the connection […]

Spiking experiments on EventLab to ch...

Spiking experiments on EventLab to changes in water quality To test the response of EventLab to changes in water quality under operational conditions (determination of detection limits), a series of spiking experiments was designed and performed on 14 and 15 February 2017. In these tests, one EventLab system was disconnected from the water supply and […]

Recent advances in our flow estimatio...

Recent advances in our flow estimation model During the first months of 2017, ACCIONA Agua and Homeria have continued researching and improving  a complex algorithm to detect leakages of water in Burgos by using a pattern based approach. From the original time series, input and output patterns are constructed in such a way that weekly […]

ACCIONA Agua certified as a Siemens a...

ACCIONA Agua certified as a Siemens and Schneider Electric systems integrator ACCIONA Agua will contribute its experience of automation systems and water cycle processes to both companies through to these alliances ACCIONA Agua, through its Automation and Control Department, has closed two important strategic agreements with Schneider Electric and Siemens, which will strengthen the company’s […]

Vitens Waterbattle version 2 live!

Vitens Waterbattle version 2 live! March 6th the Waterbattle started in the city of Leeuwarden. 7 primary schools, 15 classes, more than 350 students and 112 households are participating and try to change their water usage to win. All participant are super enthusiastic, but whether this game leads to a change in water consumption has […]

Optiqua Technologies and Shandong Pro...

July 12th, 2016 – Optiqua Technologies Pte Ltd, the Singapore-based provider of innovative water quality monitoring solutions, and Shandong Provincial Water & Waste Water Monitoring Center, have entered into a Research and Technology Collaboration to develop an integrated water quality monitoring solution for Shandong, based on Optiqua’s EventLab and MiniLab solutions. The first phase of […]

Real-time water contamination detecti...

Real-time water contamination detection and quality monitoring now available in GCC and key markets in Asia and Africa Dubai, UAE, 24 November 2016 – Metito and Optiqua Technologies today announced their collaboration to bring Optiqua’s intelligent water quality monitoring solutions, EventLab and MiniLab, to the countries in the Cooperation Council for Arab States on the […]

Thames Water installs 100,000th smart...

Thames Water installs 100,000th smart meter ‘State of the art’ 100,000th meter installed in Sidcup, south-east London, on Wednesday Over 4,000 leaks on customer pipes found as a result of the programme arried out more than 16,000 water, energy and money saving customer home visits Thames Water, the first UK water company to roll-out smart […]

SmartWater4Europe in the City of Burg...

SmartWater4Europe in the City of Burgos, Spain ACCIONA Agua, a pioneering company in the smart management of the urban water cycle With more than 3.5 million kilometers of distribution networks in Europe, and bearing in mind their complexity, water utility companies have to face a number of challenges to carry out the efficient management of […]

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