Calm Water Technology

Partner 12: CALM Water S.A. (SME)
CALMWATER is focused on development and best practice integration of “smart”, artificial intelligence based network control and management capabilities for water utility corporations. Its prime objective is to serve these corporations by adapting and using artificial intelligence based Enterprise Management systems, which were developed and implemented by CALM Energy for Smart Electric Power Networks, and the intelligent sensing technology expertise of the French CEA to the specific needs of the water utilities. CALMWATER systems are designed for upgrading the enterprise control capacity of the corporation, throughout its network, to support network management with regard to eco-sustainability, economic uncertainties and operational risks. Their applications support the enterprise in increasing the corporation asset management and capital planning effectiveness, upgrading its service reliability and incident response capacity, improving “intelligent” information sharing internally, among the production units, and externally, with stakeholders and customers, and pro-actively mobilizing pre-emptive mitigation measures for assuring water quality, safety, security and sustainability.

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