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SmartWater4Europe in the City of Burg...

SmartWater4Europe in the City of Burgos, Spain ACCIONA Agua, a pioneering company in the smart management of the urban water cycle With more than 3.5 million kilometers of distribution networks in Europe, and bearing in mind their complexity, water utility companies have to face a number of challenges to carry out the efficient management of […]

CASE STUDY – Deployment of netw...

CASE STUDY – Deployment of networks of Optiqua EventLab refractive index sensors for distribution network monitoring Author: Joep van den Broeke, Fraser Williamson, Melchior van Wijlen, Marcel Klein Koerkamp, Jos-Willem Verhoef Full Paper

Online water quality monitoring in th...

Online water quality monitoring in the distribution network Author: F. Williamsona,b, J. van den Broekea,b, T. Kostera,b, M. Klein Koerkampa,b, J. W. Verhoefa,b, J. Hoogterpc, E. Trietschc and B. R. de Graafc Full Paper         Abstract:  To ensure the safe supply of drinking water, the quality needs to be monitored online in […]

Multivariate data mining for estimati...

Multivariate data mining for estimating the rate of discoloration material accumulation in drinking water distribution systemss Author: Mounce, S. R., Blokker, E. J. M., Husband, S. P., Furnass, W. R., Schaap, P. G., Boxall, J. B. Full Paper         Abstract:  Particulate material accumulates over time as cohesive layers on internal pipeline surfaces […]

Bounds on water quality sensor networ...

Bounds on water quality sensor network performance from design choices and practical considerations Author: P. van Thienen, B. de Graaf, J. Hoogterp, J. van Summeren, A. Vogelaar Full Paper         Abstract:  Bounds of limitations on traditional approaches to optimal water quality sensor placement in drinking water distribution networks, oriented towards obtaining information […]

Automated feature recognition in CFPD...

Automated feature recognition in CFPD analyses of DMA or supply area flow data Author: Peter van Thienen and Ina Vertommen Full Paper         Abstract:  The recently introduced comparison of flow pattern distributions (CFPD) method for the identification, quantification and interpretation of anomalies in district metered areas (DMAs) or supply area flow time […]

Alternative strategies for optimal wa...

Alternative strategies for optimal water quality sensor placement in drinking water distribution networks Author: Peter van Thienen Full Paper         Abstract:  In this paper, we demonstrate the application of different sensor location optimization strategies in drinking water distribution networks, with aims such as maximization of distribution network coverage with redundancy and optimization […]

Flow analysis and leak detection with...

Flow analysis and leak detection with the CFPD method in the paris drinking water distribution system Author: Peter van Thienen, Frank Montiel Full Paper         Abstract:  In principle, DMA flow data can provide valuable information about new leaks, unregistered changes in valve status, etc. However, distinguishing one from the others is often […]

Determining leakage by analysing dema...

Determining leakage by analysing demand changes over time Author: Peter van Thienen, Ilse Pieterse-Quirijns, Jan Vreeburg, Karel Vangeel and Zoran Kapelan Full Paper         Abstract:  Leakage continues to be a problem for water companies around the world, with water lost ranging from 3% to more than 50% of distribution input. The water […]

Applications of discriminative flow p...

Applications of discriminative flow pattern analysis using the CFPD method Author: Peter van Thienen, Ilse Pieterse-Quirijns, Jan Vreeburg, Karel Vangeel, Zoran Kapelan Full Paper         Abstract:  Several applications of a new method for flow pattern analysis called the Comparison of Flow Pattern Distributions (CFPD) are presented. This method allows the user to […]

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