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UNESCO & W-Smart Partnership for...

Unesco & W-Smart Partnership for Innovation W-Smart has been recognized by the General Director of Unesco as official partner for innovation in integrated water management. The work and activities of W-Smart are consistent with the current programmes and priorities of UNESCO in the field of the natural sciences, and cooperation between UNESCO and W-Smart has […]

Aqua City – Smart Water Network...

AquaCity exposition – Lille, June 15&16, 2016 10am-12pm Conference session on “Smart Water Network Challenges, Innovation & Practice” organized by SW4EU, W-Smart and the University of Lille on June 15th 10am-12pm For more information, click here (Available in French)

Sheffield presented SW4EU at Water In...

Dr. Steve Mounce and Dr. Will Furnass (both University of Sheffield) presented on SmartWater4Europe at the WWT Water Industry Smart Water Networks Conference on March 17th 2016. In a definitive period of transformation, smart networks are at the forefront of investment plans for UK water companies. WWT’s first Smart Water Networks Conference took place on […]

University of Sheffield wins major na...

Research to tackle ‘grand challenges’ for water sector gets £3.9m boost A new £3.9million research project has been awarded to ensure the UK maintains a clean, sustainable water supply for the future. The project – led by the University of Sheffield – will help the UK water sector tackle key challenges, including population growth, ageing […]

W-Smart Platform Organisation

Partner 19: W-SMART The W-SMART Association is a not-for-profit Association incorporated in 2005 as an International Water Security Alliance of Water Utilities. Originated in New York City at the aftermath of 9/11 under the leadership of the Commissioner of New York City Department of Environmental Protection its members include both private and public water supply […]

CITC Platform Organisation

Partner 14: CITC The Innovative Centre on Contactless Technologies (CITC) is a non-profit organization located in Lille (Northern France). The CITC brings together the contactless technology skills and the existing experimentation platforms in the north of France and the Euro regions (Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Germany) and is backed by over 250 members and partners. It […]

The University of Lille

Partner 4: Université des sciences et technologies de Lille – Lille 1 With about 1200 faculty members, 1000 PhD students, 1000 technical staff and 19 000 students, the University Lille1 is one of the major French universities in the field of fundamental science, engineering and social science. It has a great potential in conducting multidisciplinary […]

CEA List R&D

Partner 8: CEA-List CEA-List is an institute aiming at technological research regarding digital smart systems. It is based near Paris at Saclay and Fontenay-aux-Roses, and is a key software systems research centre working in three areas with vital societal and economic implications: embedded systems (architecture and design of systems, methods and facilities for software and […]


Partner 13: KWR Water B.V. KWR is the Dutch research institute for the drinking water sector, their current shareholders. Unique in the world, this collaboration of the Dutch water supply companies has resulted in a powerful knowledge base and an extensive collective memory (> 60 years) for the drinking water sector. KWR develops and unlocks […]

The University of Sheffield

Partner 16: The University of Sheffield The University of Sheffield provides a broad range of research and education in a wide range of topics. The Pennine Water Group (PWG) is an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded Platform Grant centre (the only centre of Water Research Excellence in the UK to receive three […]

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