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A new step towards pressure transient cl...

Thames Water has developed a novel solution for understanding pressure transients in clean water networks. By applying machine-learning techniques on high-resolution pressure data from Syrinix PipeMinder-S (PM-S) devices, the Innovation team at Thames Water have been able to classify a majority of transients as normal network operations, and highlight unusual pressure events worthy of further […]

Understanding network energy

Johannes Andersen and Esther Goya, Thames Water’s representatives on the Smart Water 4 Europe project, examine how energy modelling and visualisation are bringing benefits right across the company’s pipe system   How energy-efficient is our network in delivering water? Are there areas with hydraulic restrictions? Are there any ‘hotspots’ that consume a significant proportion of […]

Sheffield University presents SW4E paper...

Dr. Steve Mounce, from University of Sheffield, presented his paper “Cloud based machine learning approaches for leakage assessment and management in smart water networks” at the Computer and Control for the Water Industry 2015 on Wednesday September the 2nd The 13th Computer Control for Water Industry (CCWI2015) conference was organised by De Montfort University in […]

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