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Mycometer Water Technology

Partner 18: Mycometer A/S (SME) For over ten years, Mycometer has developed user friendly, rapid, robust onsite microbiology methods for environmental and industry professionals, such as consultants, industrial hygienists and technical staff in water utilities. Mycometer is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Furthermore Mycometer has a subsidiary located in Tampa, Florida. Mycometer has a staff of […]

Homeria Water Technology

Partner 17: Homeria Open Solutions S.L. (SME) Homeria Open Solutions S.L. is a spin-off arisen from the Universidad de Extremadura (Spain). It was started in 2008 and its activity is focused on Web Engineering, Data Visualization and Business Intelligence in the Smart Cities environment. Homeria goes beyond the integration of third-party solutions: it produces its […]

Arson Water Technology

Partner 15: Arson Technology and Innovation Company S.L. (SME) Arson Engineering is an SME with design, development and commercialization of electronic platforms of high added value in the field of water management as its core business. The main activities carried out by the company are development of electronic systems communication systems and management systems and […]

Calm Water Technology

Partner 12: CALM Water S.A. (SME) CALMWATER is focused on development and best practice integration of “smart”, artificial intelligence based network control and management capabilities for water utility corporations. Its prime objective is to serve these corporations by adapting and using artificial intelligence based Enterprise Management systems, which were developed and implemented by CALM Energy […]

Quasset Water Technology

Partner 11: Quasset B.V. (SME) Quasset is an SME focusing on consultancy services and technology development related to asset integrity management and integral information management for large industrial clients and public utilities, such as water utilities. Quasset has been founded in 2011, with the founder having a long track record at senior management level with […]

Syrinix Water Technology

Partner 7: Syrinix Ltd. (SME) Syrinix is a university spin-out innovative technology SME company specialising on water pipeline leak detection and other instrumentation for pipeline monitoring and asset management. The company has a proven track record in bringing research ideas and projects to the market as commercially successful products. The company desings directed solutions that […]

Intellitect Water Technology

Partner 5: Intellitect Water Ltd. Intellitect Water was established in 2006 with the aim of revolutionising the measurement of potable water in pipes. A combination of extensive experience in the water industry and solid research and development has enabled Intellitect to develop and produce unique chlorine sensors and multi parameter water quality equipment. Intellitect has […]

Optiqua Technology

Partner 6: Optiqua Technologies (SME) Optiqua Technology is a provider of innovative tools for both online and sample based water quality monitoring. We develop and produce innovative optical biosensor technology for the real-time detection of contaminants in water. Optiqua is based in the Netherlands and Singapore, where we have development and production facilities. We serve […]

Event Lab

Event Lab – A high density sensor network Optiqua EventLab is based on Optiqua’s awarded and patented Lab-on-Chip sensor technology. The technology measures refractive index changes of the water matrix induced by a contaminant, without the use of chemicals or other consumables. EventLab sensors respond to the entire spectrum of possible chemical contaminants at ppm […]

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