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Lille and Reading demo sites share solut...

A month scientific visit From France to the United Kingdom Elias Farah, PhD student in Civil Engineering on the subject “Use of the Smart Water System for the detection and localization of water leakage – Application to SunRise demonstrator” at University Lille I – Sciences and Technologies – Laboratory of Civil Engineering and geo-Environment, spent […]

Vitens at Aquatech Innovation Award 2015

Vitens is nominated for a Aquatech Innovation Award 2015 in the category ‘Not-yet-to-market’ with CAGIS: Real-time Customer Alert GIS, Vitens. CAGIS is a geographical operations dashboard displaying customer interactions (phone calls, tweets) and sensor alerts used by the operations department to identify events as pipe leaks and water quality problems much faster, ideally before a […]

Acciona Water Utilty

Partner 2: Acciona Agua S.A. Acciona Agua is a leader in the water treatment sector with the ability to design, construct and operate drinking water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, tertiary treatment plants for re-use and reverse-osmosis desalination plants. Acciona Agua is committed to innovation and the application of the latest technologies, together with […]

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