Partner 8: CEA-List
CEA-List is an institute aiming at technological research regarding digital smart systems. It is based near Paris at Saclay and Fontenay-aux-Roses, and is a key software systems research centre working in three areas with vital societal and economic implications: embedded systems (architecture and design of systems, methods and facilities for software and system dependability, and intelligent vision systems), interactive systems (knowledge engineering, robotics, virtual reality and sensorial interfaces) and signal detection and processing (ionizing radiation metrology and instrumentation, optical fibre sensors and non-destructive testing). With the project-oriented culture of its 450 researchers, engineers and technicians, CEA-List performs research work in partnership with major industrial players in the nuclear, automotive, aeronautical, defence and medical fields and develops innovative solutions corresponding to companies’ requirements. CEA-List contributes to the transfer of technology and encourages innovation, particularly by assisting the emergence of new businesses.

Website: www-list.cea.fr