Overcoming the obstacles for smart water networks

Overcoming the obstacles for smart water networks

Date(s): Nov 3, 2015
Time: 2:25 PM - 3:45 PM
Location: Aquatech & IWW Amsterdam
Categories Tags: smart water
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Purpose: To discuss the obstacles to the adoption of Smart Water Technologies
The message to be conveyed in the workshop will incorporate the following:

    How water distribution networks works are managed at the present
    The new solutions that are being implemented to create Smart Water Network
    How to overcome the obstacles to the adoption of Smart Water Network
    How the new solutions will change the future of water distribution networks

Steering CommitteeProgram

Mr. Erick Oostermeyer, Vitens N.V., the Netherlands
After my study at the University where I got a degree in Master of Learning and Development (MLO), Learning Sciences

Luc Stakenborg, Quasset, Hilversum, the Netherlands
Luc Stakenborg is CTO at Quasset, Hilversum, the Netherlands. Trained as a Physicist at the University of Utrecht, Luc has worked in variety of IT roles in both SME and enterprise environments. Luc is currently working with water utilities and water authorities to provide asset forecasting models and tools for pipelines and above ground infrastructure, decision support tools and asset information management. As CTO of Quasset, he is responsible for the technology foundation for the fast growing company focusing on consultancy services and innovation, related to asset management for the petrochemical industry, public infrastructure and other large industrial clients.

Mr. Andreas Weingartner, CEO of S::can Messtechnik GmbH, Austria
Born 1962 in Vienna, Austria, co-founder and managing director of s::can Messtechnik GmbH. After completing his degrees in water management and water treatment at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna, he worked as a freelancer for several consultant engineers and as a research and educational assistant professor for the Institute for Water Management at the BOKU. He was one of the first to use on-line UV-spectrometry for the control of water treatment processes in 1996. Since the founding of s::can Messtechnik GmbH in 1999 he has been managing director while at the same time keeping final responsibility for R&D strategy and product development. Mr. Weingartner overviews and has a consulting role in projects in drinking water monitoring and implementation of sensors into water security networks.

Catalina Pedraza, Project Manager, Thames Water, UK
Catalina is a Project Manager at Thames Water, in charge of the contractual, conceptual, financial and administrative management of the UK demosite. Responsible for the coordination of the input from the local partners and ensuring that objectives are met and that costs, deliverables and milestones are aligned with the budget. Catalina has 15 years of experience in the water industry. Before Innovation, she worked in Asset Strategy and in Waste Asset Planning. Previously, Catalina was a consultant for the Colombian Ministry of Environment, presenting water and sanitation projects for national and international funding. She also worked for Bogota’s water company.

Joep van den Broeke, Senior project manager, Optiqua Technologies, the Netherlands
Joep van den Broeke (PhD) is senior project manager at Optiqua Technologies, a company that develops and produces innovative water quality monitoring technologies. Dr. van den Broeke has extensive experience in water quality and sensor related R&D and has worked with technology developers, suppliers and end-users in development, implementation and operation of (online) water quality monitoring systems. In addition to his expertise with sensoring and monitoring, Dr. van den Broeke has extensive expertise with drinking water quality and legislation, drinking water and wastewater treatment as well as data collection and data handling and development of software for these purposes.

AGENDA (subject to change)

00.00 Introduction and presentation of SW4EU
00.10 Introduction of the Speakers (5 minute elevator pitch of their strength and added value for the project)
00.40 Describing the obstacles
– Lack of integrated and open solutions
– Difficulty to comply with all user requirements
– Lack of validated business cases for solutions
– Lack of business intelligence awareness
– Lack of political and regulatory support
00.45 A presentation of solutions provided by the 3 SME’s for demonstration during the project
These solutions should be referring to at least one of the obstacles!!
00:65 Reactions from the two Utilities on these solutions
– Thames Water
– Vitens
00:75 Presentations of some of the examples from SW4EU
Future (what is SW4EU going to do in the coming years)
00:80 End of the workshop


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