Smart Water Networks Conference

Smart Water Networks Conference

Date(s): Mar 17, 2016
Time: All Day
Location: Holiday Inn Birmingham City Centre
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Two aspects of Smart Water 4 Europe will be presented by Matt Hawkings and Steve Mounce at this Smart Water Networks Conference.
The conference will consider the definition of a smart network, address the role of ‘smart’ in the current regulatory climate, and explore the potential for data innovation.

Steering CommitteeProgram

  • Bob Taylor – Managing Director Bournemouth Water
  • Mike Bishop – Head of Operational Control and Development Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water
  • Dave Ward – Head of Networks Anglian Water
  • Olga Brzezinska – Research and Development Manager Severn Trent Water
  • Dennis Dellow – Networks Manager Northumbrian Water
  • Jeremy Heath – Innovation Manager Sutton and East Surrey Water
  • John Bridgeman, chair – Professor of Environmental Engineering University of Birmingham

AGENDA (subject to change)

8:45 am Registration, refreshments and exhibition
09:30 Welcome and introduction from conference chair
John Bridgeman, Professor of Environmental Engineering,University of Birmingham

Defining ‘Smart’ and Making Smart Decisions

09:35 Defining ‘smart’: innovation, development and the role of smart networks

  • The role and importance of smart technologies in enhancing the customer experience
  • Smart innovation as a means to mitigating interruptions and improving performance
  • A look at the business benefits of thinking smart – what can we expect for the future?

Bob Taylor, Managing Director, Bournemouth Water

09:55 A look at smart networks in the current regulatory climate

  • Their status and benefits: knowing when to invest
  • Their role in increasing efficiency and customer experience
  • Smart in the past, present and future

Paul Horton, CEO, Future Water Association

10:15 Leadership to instigate change: a smarter way of thinking

  • Creating the business case and gaining momentum
  • Developing organised design to deliver optimisation and smart networks
  • Prioritising employee and stakeholder engagement

Dave Ward, Head of Networks, Anglian Water

10:35 Panel questions and answers
10:50 Refreshments, networking and exhibition

People, Processes and the Potential of Data

11:20 Smart Water 4 Europe: utilising technology and data

  • Utilising people and technology to get the most out of smart meters
  • Connecting to customers through smart networks
  • Smart Water 4 Europe: the challenges of data

Matt Hawkins, Data Scientist, Innovation, Thames Water

11:40 Machine Learning data-driven analytics for smart water networks

  • Data to information: the Big data issue – why is less than 0.5% of data ever analysed and used?
  • Data mining using artificial intelligence for knowledge discovery and predictive analytics
  • Data-driven online event detection for clean and wastewater networks and real-time control

Dr Steve Mounce, Research Fellow in Hydroinformatics, University of Sheffield

12:00 Visit for details
12:15 Panel questions and answers
What is the potential for a ‘smart’ water industry?

  • What does ‘smart’ mean to the (waste)water industry?
  • How do people and processes affect the success of smart?
  • What opportunities do the water industry have and how do we get there?

Session speakers to be joined by:
Oliver Grievson, Flow Compliance & Regulatory Efficiency Manager, Anglian Water and Director, SWIG

12:40 Buffet lunch, networking & exhibition


Drinking Water

1a) Utilising Data : Innovative Display and Interpretation in Clean Water

13:40 Innovative data display: where do we want to go?

  • Enhanced mapping to display temporal and spatial data
  • The intuitive display of complex network conditions
  • The use of enhanced data displays in customer and event management

Jeremy Heath, Innovation Manager, Sutton and East Surrey Water

14:00 The importance and benefits of data in the water industry

  • A look at the latest innovations
  • Learning to make sense of the data
  • Considering the challenges and benefits

Ben Tam, Innovation Programme Manager, Anglian Water

14:20 Digital Delta: smarter water management

  • Smart re-use of ICT applications to improve water management in the Netherlands
  • Considering how we can better analyse and use data
  • Encouraging research and new solutions

Johan Beekhuizen, Researcher, Deltares

14:40 Panel questions and answers
14:55 Refreshments, networking and exhibition

1b) The Use of Smart Technology to Engage Customers and Cut Costs

15:25 The potential for predictive analysis in water

  • Enhancing competitive advantage
  • Cost savings and customer considerations
  • Predicting the future for predictive analysis
  • Situational awareness

Mike Bishop, Head of Operational Control and Development, Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water

15:45 Supporting customers to understand their water usage and cut their consumption through water efficiency

  • Southern Water’s approach to helping encourage customer savings and the value of smart metering
  • The importance of targeted customer engagement
  • Affordability – the great challenge to address

Ben Earl, Water Efficiency Manager, Southern Water

16:05 Would customers value real-time water consumption data?

  • How could we provide customers with real-time water usage data?
  • Would this information make a difference to our customers’ consumption?
  • If customers change their consumption, how long would it last?

Paul Glass, Smart Metering Programme Manager, Anglian Water

16:25 Panel questions and answers

Waste Water

2a) Smart Waste Water Networks – Looking Towards a Predictive Future

13:40 The beginning of smart wastewater networks?

  • Effective measurement of wastewater flows – the history and challenges
  • Using new technology for charging and asset management purposes
  • The future of smart wastewater networks

Matt Wheeldon, General Manager – Waste Strategy, Wessex Water

14:00 Visions for a predictive, proactive future

  • How do we get there?
  • How a predictive future for water could mitigate interruption time
  • Predictive analysis: improving customer experience

Oliver Grievson, Flow Compliance & Regulatory Efficiency Manager, Anglian Water and Director, SWIG

14:20 Future smart networks and the need to focus on cultural change

  • Taking a proactive approach and adapting to a smarter environment
  • How do we incorporate people and culture with technological change?

Anthony Kyriacou, Proactive Operational Control Lead, Severn Trent Water

14:40 Panel questions and answers 14:55 Refreshments, networking and exhibition

2b) Utilising Smart Networks to Prevent Sewer Flooding and Pollution

15:25 Making visible the invisible: a novel method for detecting defects in sewers

  • Detecting surface water infiltration and illegal connections
  • Visualising blockage locations in real time
  • Sewer TV – cable broadband delivery via the network

Dr Cedric Kechavarzi, Technology Transfer Manager, CSIC, University of Cambridge
Olga Brzezinska, R&D Manager, Severn Trent Water

15:45 How external factors impact smart wastewater networks: predicting the unpredictable

  • Smart networks as a means of managing pollution and mitigating damage
  • Considering climate, customer and communication
  • Technological possibilities for the future

Dr Emma Harris, Pollution Strategy Manager, Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water

16:05 Proactive monitoring and management of sewer network performance to reduce flooding

  • Northumbrian Water’s use of sewer monitors for the management of combined sewer overflows
  • Analysis to optimise monitor locations for flooding
  • New software for real-time analysis and diagnostics

Dennis Dellow, Networks Manager, Northumbrian Water

16:25 Panel questions and answers
16:40 Close of conference

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