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Date(s): Apr 24, 2017 - Apr 25, 2017
Time: All Day
Location: Copthorne Tara Hotel
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SMi’s 6th Annual Smart Water Systems conference returns to London in April 2017

SmartWater4Europe, through Thames Water, will present a conference on Energy visualisation on April 24th at 16:50.
We will discuss :

  • Energy modelling in distribution networks
  • Fractional energy graphs from consumer to source
  • A visualisation tool to understand where the energy goes in the network
  • Easy identification of hotspots with high energy loss, low pressure areas and operational opportunities


Smart Water Systems – April 24th

8:30 Registration & Coffee
9:00 Charmain’s opening remarks
9:10 Scotland the Hydro nation – building a water economy
Jon Rathjen, Team Leader – Water Industry, Scottish Government

  • Maximising the monetary and non-monetary value of water resources
  • Building a water economy
  • Innovation and tackling the big water challenges
  • Good Governance and putting the customer centre stage
9:45 Data governance and strategy
Mike Bishop, Head of Operational Control and Development, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

  • Why do you need a data strategy
  • Why do you need data governance
  • What does data stewardship deliver
10:20 Morning Coffee
10:50 Tapping into the power of behavioural science
Peter Yolles, Founder & Chief Policy Officer, WaterSmart Software

  • How UK utilities can achieve measurable results in conservation by using the underutilised technique of behavioural science
  • WaterSmart’s learnings and best practises to reduce water consumption
  • Increasing customer satisfaction through customer engagement and analytics software tools
11:30 Smart Custo-metering
Ali Fanshawe, Metering Strategy Manager, Thames Water

  • A customer engagement programme with leakage and demand benefits
  • A new customer journey – what does the customer want?
  • How the programme is changing the way we work with customers
12:05 Networking lunch
13:15 Passive meter reading – 13 months in
Neil Harper, Operational Development Manager, United Utilities Plc

  • Progress report to date – where are we now?
  • Facing new challenges
  • How useful is the retrieved data?
  • Conclusions and what lessons we have learned
13:50 Big Data and the behavioural sciences to decrease the water consumption and increase the digitalisation
David Hinton, Asset and Regulation Director, South East Water

  • Using behavioural techniques to increase water efficiency
  • Direct marketing with high level comparisons of water use
  • Using nudge and social norm like techniques to improve customers understanding of water use
  • Using individual customer information to provide personalised water efficiency advice
14:30 Smart network developments
Jeremy Heath, Innovation Manager, Sutton & East Surrey Water Plc

  • Data Collection: An update on the latest IoT developments
  • Data Processing: How to prevent DRIP (Data rich, information poor)
  • Data Display: Making intuitive information dashboards
  • Data Mobilisation: Ensuring your field force have access to the data
15:05 Afternoon Tea
15:35 Harnessing the variety of real time information sources
Pierre Brunet, Vice President Smart Cities Solutions, Veolia

  • Analytics to reconcile signals from leak detection, metering, asset management and energy efficiency
  • From data to cost-effective impact
  • Waternamics, a hypervision platform to increase operation responsiveness and transparency
16:15 Information and its role in the high performing culture
Ken Black, Optimisation Manager, Northumbrian Water

  • Development of the Northumbrian Water House of Quality
  • Right Data Right Time Right Place Right Person
  • Transforming Data into Wisdom
16:50 SmartWater4Europe – Energy visualisation
Esther Goya, Data Scientist, Thames Water
Johannes Andersen, Consultant, Thames Water

  • Energy modelling in distribution networks
  • Fractional energy graphs from consumer to source
  • A visualisation tool to understand where the energy goes in the network
  • Easy identification of hotspots with high energy loss, low pressure areas and operational opportunities
17:25 Chairman’s closing remarks and close of day one

Smart Water Systems – April 25th

8:30 Registration & Coffee
9:00 Charmain’s opening remarks
9:10 Smart Networks – A control group approach
John Brewington, Innovation Manager, Severn Trent Water

  • Severn Trent is turning the Trimpley Control Group into a Smart Network Model Area.
  • A range of smart technologies will deliver improved asset performance and customer service.
  • Technology trials underway for water quality monitoring, pressure management and leakage identification.
  • The project will also utilise enabling technologies including data analytics and asset visualisation.
9:50 Smart Innovation to help customers save water and money
Ben Earl, Water Efficiency Manager, Southern Water

  • Southern Water’s smart metering: what does it mean for customers?
  • What products and services are on offer?
  • How does working in partnership aid the targeting strategy?
  • Using data effectively to drive efficiency
10:30 Morning Coffee
11:00 Smart Utilities to capitalise on data opportunities
Monica Pena Galan, Business Development Manager, Energy Saving Trust

  • Smart Metering – Data
  • Taking the maximum from the data
  • Understanding the customers
  • Engagement strategies
11:40 An update on water metering in Ireland – From domestic to non-domestic
Kevin Murray, Metering Technology & Solutions Specialist, Irish Water

  • The completion of the First Phase of Domestic Metering in Ireland (2013-2016)
  • Technology options for metering of multi-unit developments
  • Non-Domestic metering asset management challenges
  • Leveraging value from metering data into future connection programmes
12:20 Networking lunch
13:30 Optimising the man made water cycle
Andy Smith, Regional Optimisation Manager, Anglian Water
Matt Kirk, Shop Window Programme Manager, Anglian Water

  • The importance of managing the man made water cycle
  • How we innovate to enable this
  • Developing and delivering a Source to Source Optimisation strategy
14:10 The Internet of things and its role in driving digital transformation
Andy Blackhall, Strategy Manager, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

  • IoT – the workforce of the future
  • How to make asset management mobile?
  • Increased flexibility and adaptability
14:50 From data to water 4.0 – simple beginnings
Oliver Grievson, Group Manager, Water Industry Process Automation & Control Group

  • Where does our data come from?
  • Are we really Data Rich, Information Poor
  • The data information super highway
  • Water 4.0
15:30 Afternoon Tea
16:00 Real time water demand forecast with big data: alicante experience
Antonio Sanchez Zaplana, Engineer Manager, Aguas de Alicante

  • Alicante context
  • Big Data vs Water Demand
  • Water Demand Forecast
16:40 Automated detection of pipe faults in smart wastewater systems
Zoran Kapelan, Professor of Water Systems Engineering, University of Exeter

  • Effective and efficient fault detection in sewer pipes using standard CCTV footage
  • Developed in collaboration with large UK water company
  • Potential for substantial cost savings and other benefits
17:20 Chairman’s closing remarks and close of day two

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