Optiqua next generation23

EventLab–Online Water Quality Monitoring for Smart Water Networks

Optiqua EventLab is a solution for real-time monitoring of water quality in networked applications such as drinking water distribution networks. EventLab is designed for deployment as a high density sensor network, with distributed sensor nodes connected to a central server for data collection and processing. A network of EventLab systems allows online detection, localisation and (back)tracing of water quality issues, providing the real-time information required for a timely and effective response. Stand-alone installation of EventLab sensors, e.g. for intake protection, treatment plant monitoring and exit / entry point control for bulk water supply systems,is also possible.

NEW-EventLab 2.0

The new generation EventLab 2.0 builds upon Optiqua’s established optical lab-on-a-chip technology to detect the whole range of chemical contaminations with a single refractive index sensor.

EventLab 2.0 features include:

  • Improved robustness and user friendliness
  • Plug-and-Play electrical and optical probe connections
  • Improved optics and electronics
  • IP rated enclosure and connectors
  • New EventLab Online central server application
  • Second generation event detection algorithms
  • 2Gand 3G modem options
  • Serial I/O for SCADA connectivity
  • Dedicated maintenance software
  • USB interface for configuration and maintenance
  • Integrated automatic sensor cleaning (optional)
  • Sensor status self-check and automated signal optimisation