July 12th, 2016 – Optiqua Technologies Pte Ltd, the Singapore-based provider of innovative water quality monitoring solutions, and Shandong Provincial Water & Waste Water Monitoring Center, have entered into a Research and Technology Collaboration to develop an integrated water quality monitoring solution for Shandong, based on Optiqua’s EventLab and MiniLab solutions.

The first phase of the collaboration, starting August 2016, will demonstrate Optiqua’s EventLab technology, a real time water quality monitoring solution, at a treatment plant in Jinan with the objective to monitor the stability of the water quality before it is released into the network. In the second phase of the project, scheduled for January 2017, Shandong and Optiqua plan to deploy a medium scale network of EventLab sensors at multiple treatment plants as well as in the drinking water distribution grid. The final phase of the collaboration will see the deployment of a full-scale sensor network covering all treatment plants and the entire distribution grid.

EventLab has been designed for both stand alone and networked solutions and has been validated by reputable leading utilities such as PUB in Singapore. The collaboration with Shandong will be the first deployment of the technology in China and is expected to make an important contribution to China’s policy of improving water quality standards and reduced pollution. Prof. Jia Rui Bao, Director of Shandong Provincial Water & Waste Water Monitoring Center, said: “It is important to be at the forefront of monitoring technology, and applying high-tech products in order to ensure a safe and secure water quality for the public. Our vision and strategy is to build a multi-level water quality monitoring system for the city, achieving fast responses to the sudden and unknown pollutants, on-site efficient identification, and qualitative and quantitative laboratory analysis of the pollutants. Optiqua’s products provide a good match with our vision, and we look forward to building this international research and technology collaboration into an important development platform.”

Melchior van Wijlen, Managing Director of Optiqua Technologies, said: “Our EventLab technology is unparalleled when it comes to contamination detection and the monitoring of the overall water quality, and is used by our clients worldwide. To be able to demonstrate this for the first time in China and enter into a long-term collaboration with Shandong Provincial Water & Waste Water Monitoring Center is an important milestone for Optiqua. The collaboration has a clear long-term vision and well-defined applications for the water supply and water distribution.”

In addition to the use of Optiqua’s EventLab technology, the collaboration also includes the use of the MiniLab technology which will be tested and researched by Shandong Provincial Water & Waste Water Monitoring Center in pollution monitoring applications. Developed in collaboration with PUB Singapore, the Optiqua MiniLab technology is another example of an innovative water quality monitoring application that addresses the increasing demand for sensitive and fast analysis of samples in the field. Under the collaboration Shandong Provincial Water & Waste Water Monitoring Center and Optiqua intend to develop tests for the highest priority pollutants in the Yellow River and Chang Jiang River.

About Shandong Provincial Water & Waste Water Monitoring Center- the center is an independent deputy director level legalperson institution jointly managed by the provincial and municipal governments, with added titles of Jinan Station of the National Urban Water Supply (Drainage) Monitoring Network, and Shandong Province Water Treatment Technology Research Center. Currently, the Center includes four departments: the general office, the testing office, the technology development office and the consulting services. In accordance with the functions conferred by Shandong Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department and Jinan Municipal Public Utility Bureau, the Center is responsible for city water supply and drainage and water quality supervision and monitoring for Jinan and Shandong Province, development of water treatment technology, application of research results and technical training across the province, as well as urban water supply and drainage industry monitoring for Shandong Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department. CONTACT: phone : 86-531-55589620 email :jngpsjc@163.com

About Optiqua (www.optiqua.com) – Optiqua Technologies develops innovative water quality monitoring solutions. All Optiqua products leverage our patented and awarded lab-on-chip sensor technology. Applications of Optiqua’s products include realtime online monitoring of drinking water supply and distribution, protection of critical infrastructures and the rapid detection of specific substances in water samples. Based in the Netherlands and Singapore Optiqua helps water companies around the world safeguard the quality of their drinking water supply. CONTACT: Melchior van Wijlen, Optiqua Technologies, melchior.van.wijlen@optiqua.com