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Optiqua deploys a network of 80 EventLab sensors in the Vitens distribution system providing a solid foundation for Vitens intelligent water supply

Mat 2th, 2016 – Optiqua has received an order from Vitens, the largest drinking water company in the Netherlands, for the supply of a network of 80 EventLab sensors in Friesland, The Netherlands. This network provides Vitens with a unique, first in the world, real-time water quality  monitoring system for their distribution system. In October Vitens announced its intention to develop a large scale intelligent distribution network in the province of Friesland. The installation of the 80 Optiqua EventLab sensors provides a solid foundation for this development.

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Drinking water quality in real-time, 24 hours per day 

Today, customer complaints are the primary means for water utilities to detect problems that occur within the water distribution system. Active monitoring in the distribution system, providing realtime and continuous information, will enable utilities to resolve such issues before they affect the customer. “It is our ambition to pro-actively inform our customers concerning issues in the network. Until recently it was not possible to monitor water quality in real-time. The network of EventLab sensors developed by Optiqua provides us with real-time water quality information, 24 hour per day, and thus gives us a tool to solve issues as they occur and to, if necessary, inform our customers in a timely manner” according to Eric van der Kooij, project manager responsible for the development of the intelligent distribution network in Friesland.

EventLab is a network of sensors, which is installed throughout the distribution system to monitor and detect variations in water quality. At the heart of the system is an optical sensor with a generic sensitivity for water quality changes. Besides the network of sensors, the EventLab system consists of a data transmission infrastructure and centralised data processing and visualisation software where data algorithms continuously analyse information from the sensor network for abnormal water quality changes.

Optiqua’s EventLab system for real-time water quality monitoring is being used by water companies around the world, with installations in distribution systems as well as at treatment facilities and water intake locations. A unique, front running technology from Optiqua.

“We have collaborated intensively with Vitens on the practical implementation of our EventLab system in their water distribution system. Seeing Vitens take the step towards large scale operational deployment, making them the first in the world to realise large-scale real-time quality monitoring of the drinking water within the network, is fantastic” according to Jos-Willem Verhoef, managing director of Optiqua.

About Optiqua ( – Optiqua Technologies develops innovative solutions for measurement of water quality. All Optiqua products utilise our patented and awarded lab-on-chip sensor technology. Applications of Optiqua’s products include real-time online monitoring of drinking water distribution networks, protection of critical infrastructure and the rapid detection of specific substances in water samples. Out of its offices in the Netherlands and Singapore Optiqua helps water companies around the world safeguard the supply of wholesome drinking water. CONTACT: Jos-Willem Verhoef, Optiqua Technologies,