s::can and Grundfos Jointly Introduce the Intelligent Disinfection Dosing System


Vienna, May 2016

Vienna, May 2016: Grundfos, Danish makers of industry-leading pump and dosing systems, and s::can, Austrian manufacturer of the most innovative online water quality sensors, are such a synergetic accomplishment that close cooperation between the two companies was only logical, and started two years ago.

The result of this co-operation is the now introduced “Grundfos by s::can DID system”, an intelligent, fully digital, and fully integrated dosing control system. It combines the most robust and at the same time accurate sensors with an innovative controller / terminal, to accurately measure the concentration and control the dosing of most disinfectants, such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide or peracetic acid. Designed to perfectly match with the industry leading Grundfos dosing pumps, this is the ideal solution at unmatched accuracy, reliability and efficiency. If required, the system can be combined with monitoring of many other parameters, such as pH, ORP, conductivity, or even organics. The DID station is available as a compact system with by-pass flow cell, or as a kit for applications with tank-immersed sensors. The system is extremely easy to set up due to the pre-assembled and pre-calibrated configurations, and can be operated by non-experts.

“It is a great acknowledgement for s::can that Grundfos, as a full-line supplier in the water treatment area, relies on s::can quality and delivery performance for the new, co-branded product.” says Andreas Weingartner, CEO s::can.