Dr Paul Rutter, Water Innovation Manager, Thames Water and Dr Joby Boxall, Professor of Water Infrastructure and Engineering, The University of Sheffield represented Smart Water 4 Europe at the WWT Water Industry Technology Innovation Conference last December the 1st, 2015.
Smart Water for Europe’s presentation discussed the start of the journey to smart water companies by starting with water networks, why the future in the water sector isn’t engineers but data scientists, why the word algorithm shouldn’t cause people’s eyes to roll, how real time big data analytics are transformational and available.
It then built on tentative moves towards smart water networks and the next steps.
WWT’s 4th Annual Water Industry Technology Innovation Conference brought together speakers who offered insights on innovation from a wide range of perspectives. There were have contributions from individual water utilities, organisations with both a British and international perspective, innovators operating in the UK, internationally and from various industrial sectors with innovation relevant to water.