New Ideas in Smart Water Management



Date:            2 November 2017

Time:           10 AM – 6 PM

Location:     Elicium Centre, RAI Amsterdam, the Netherlands



Come learn about new, innovative solutions that can save European water operators an estimated 3 billion euros a year. And save global operators an estimated 10 billion euros annually. As an attendee of the Smart Water Management Symposium, you’ll be the first to hear the results of the Smart Water for Europe (SW4EU) project!

 A chairman will open the Smart Water Management Symposium. Shortly after, a Keynote speaker will inspire Symposium attendees with an exciting and educational story concerning the future of water management. Also, the key note speaker will place the SW4EU project in a broader context – the context of a new world in which Artificial Intelligence, advances in technology, Big Data and practical innovation lead the way.

Presentations by demo sites Thames Water, Acciona Agua, Lille University and Vitens

After the keynote, Representatives of the four SW4EU project demo sites (Thames Water, Acciona, Lille University and Vitens) will present their research results on drinking water management. These are clustered into four themes:

  1. Leak detection & asset management
  2. Water quality & control
  3. Customer interaction & awareness
  4. Energy optimization

The four representatives will then participate in a panel discussion led by an expert moderator – leading up to interactive in-depth deep dive sessions that Symposium registrants will be able to sign up for in October. Every registrant is invited to create a personal deep-dive track, based on their background, working field and interest.



From 12 AM to 1 PM lunch will be served. After all this talk about water, let’s enjoy great food.



In the afternoon Symposium attendees will gain in-depth knowledge about the SW4EU project solutions. There will be three rounds of deep dive sessions. Attendees will be able to sign up for these sessions in October. (You will receive an email notifying you to sign up.)

There are seven subjects for the deep dive sessions:

  1. Advanced leak detection methods
  2. Real-time water pressure monitoring
  3. Managing water quality
  4. Next generation water quality sensors
  5. Integrated management systems
  6. Gamification of water consumption
  7. Visualising energy usage

These are scheduled so that every attendee can participate in three deep dive sessions (maximum).

  1. 1 PM to 1:45 PM
  2. 2 PM – 2:45 PM
  3. 3 PM – 3:45 PM



After the deep dive sessions, there will be a summary presentation, where the chairman will do a wrap up of the results and discuss integration.

We’ll discuss the management dashboard of Vitens, the leak detection business case of Thames Water, and the Acciona algorithms business case.



Come enjoy, discuss, laugh, network and make new friends and connections at the network reception of the Smart Water Management Symposium. Register today to save your spot at this exciting and informative event!

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