Wijk & Water Battle Game

This game is being developed to address peak level load on the water network. The water structure is being put under stress by people utilizing the water network at the same time. It provides a lot of problems in the water company and we decided to create a video game to motivate children, to keep […]

Let’s build smart cities for a smart ...

Let’s build smart cities for a smart world The role of smart cities in the construction of a smart world was presented at TEDXx Science Po Paris, November 13. Lille Demo was used as an example for the implementation of this Smart City concept. The conference focused on how the Smart City innovative solution could […]

Presentation of SunRise – 4 years of ...

New Video of Sunrise’s first 4 years

The SunRise Community

Meet the SunRise Community (young master and PhD students) New Video

SW4EU, a unique water network in Euro...

SW4EU, a unique water network in Europe

SW4EU, a unique water network in Europe What is it? A collaborative project comprising 21 players from the public and private sectors led by Dutch utility Vitens and featuring technology demonstration sites performed by Acciona Agua, Thames Water, the University of Lille and Vitens, focused on making the business case for smart water supply networks […]

Vitens at Aquatech Innovation Award 2...

Vitens is nominated for a Aquatech Innovation Award 2015 in the category ‘Not-yet-to-market’ with CAGIS: Real-time Customer Alert GIS, Vitens. CAGIS is a geographical operations dashboard displaying customer interactions (phone calls, tweets) and sensor alerts used by the operations department to identify events as pipe leaks and water quality problems much faster, ideally before a […]

s::can – Online water quality monitor...

s::can – Online water quality monitoring   s::can tools facilitate communication, measurement, control and action for the best water quality. The main goals of water quality monitoring are the reduction of harmful effects to our environment and human health. Because of the continuous efforts to improve the quality of natural waters, to reduce the health […]

Video – News Post 1

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