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Vitens Innovation Playground - The Netherlands Vitens has a demonstration site in the Province of Friesland.The demonstration site comprises 2300 km’s of distribution network (5 % of the Vitens’ distribution network) with an average age 50 to 60 years serving over 200.000 households. The distribution network concerns a non-chlorinated network. Currently available demonstration infrastructure concerns: - 6 DMAs in the City of Leeuwarden - 15 conductivity and temperature sensors in the distribution network. - Several advanced water quality sensors: 45 Optiqua Eventlab Sensors, 5 S:CAN water quality sensors, 2 Intellitect sensors, 1 Mycometer sensor. - 5 Syrinix sensors for water hammer and pipe burst detection. - A geographical operations dashboard displaying customer interactions (phone calls, tweets) and changes in water quality and demand to identify and locate events faster. The demo site is a ‘work in progress’ where many more sensors will be installed. Recently, the uniqueness of the VIP was recognized by winning the WEX 2013 infrastructure award. Contact information: Eelco Trietsch –
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Vitens to install first major smart drinking water network in the world

200 pairs of ears and eyes in the Friesland mains network Vitens to install first major ...
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