Real time alerts map migrated from demo to production environment

The real time alerts map was built as a demonstrator in the VIP demo site of Vitens. It provides a display of real time data for technical customer care center (call center) and Central Operation Department (control room).

Different types of real time data are presented on the map:

• Water quality events are visible on the map
• Dynamic bandwith monitor events (based on flow measurements, water balance) are visible on the map
• Social media events are visible on the map
• Incoming calls are visible on the map


Call center employees and process coordinators use this information to decide on responses to events. A small, seperate Esri ArcGis server, dedicated to the demo site, was used.

The information on the map proved to be very useful and quickly became an important source of information.

In the same time, Vitens has been working on a new platform for Geo-information with high availability. This new platform will eventually replace all existing Geo- and map based applications that Vitens is using. To achieve this, a big project with migration plans was set up. However, because of the great success of the real time alerts map, it was decided to make the real time alerts map one of the first applications to be implemented on the new platform. Even though the real time alerts map was “just” a part of a demo project.
This underlines the success of this part of the VIP demo site.