Yves Abou Rjeily, PhD student at Lille University, visits Thames Water to present his work and exchange experiences with the innovation team

Yves presentation at TWIST

Yves spent a month with Thames Water’s Innovation team in a rich exchange of knowledge and ideas

In April, Yves’ presented his research on the management and durability of wastewater systems within smart cities. The presentation covered the progress of his work in the Lille Demo site and the transformation from passive static to active dynamic management. Among other topics, Yves and the innovation team discussed GIS layers for a long-term management system; monitoring system implementation; modelling, calibration and boundary condition forecast and alert system, dynamic and qualitative management.
Multiple meetings with the SW4EU team enabled Yves to acquire a better understanding of the solutions applied in the project for leak detection and customer consumption evaluation. The wastewater team also presented to Yves the implemented real-time monitoring system connected to the flooding alarm forecast in London networks. In addition, Yves had the opportunity to visit multiple sites, participate and understand Thames Water’s work procedures and projects in relation to data management, storm return period evaluations as well as clean and wastewater treatment plant operations. Finally he spent a week at the University of Sheffield discussing the details of his research getting advise and understanding their work on this field.

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