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Smart Water for Europe

Demonstrating innovative Smart Water Network (SWN) for sustainable water supply, reliable quality control, energy optimization and improved customers' interaction

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Site demonstration of innovative Sensing, Information and Communication Technology (SICT) solutions of European SMEs for selected Smart Water Network (SWN) Applications to improve current practice of water supply management and quality control. This project includes 4 Demonstration Sites: Vitens, Acciona,Thames Water and Lille University. The purpose is to:

  • Promote innovation and business cases for investments in SWN applications;
  • Assess deployment potential and economic feasibility;
  • Identify market uptake routes for supporting EU SMEs’ competitiveness and FP7 environmental goals.


SW4EU contributes to the European Innovation Partnership on Water (EIP Water) by providing technology demonstration sites to accelerate integration of 12 SICT (Sensing Information & Communication Technology) innovative solutions which effectively respond to the industry priority needs and thereby enhance European SMEs’ competitiveness and smart economic growth...