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W-Smart Platform Organisation

Partner 19: W-SMART The W-SMART Association is a not-for-profit Association incorporated in 2005 as an International Water Security Alliance of Water Utilities. Originated in New York City at the aftermath of 9/11 under the leadership of the Commissioner of New York City Department of Environmental Protection its members include both private and public water supply […]

CEA List R&D

Partner 8: CEA-List CEA-List is an institute aiming at technological research regarding digital smart systems. It is based near Paris at Saclay and Fontenay-aux-Roses, and is a key software systems research centre working in three areas with vital societal and economic implications: embedded systems (architecture and design of systems, methods and facilities for software and […]


Partner 13: KWR Water B.V. KWR is the Dutch research institute for the drinking water sector, their current shareholders. Unique in the world, this collaboration of the Dutch water supply companies has resulted in a powerful knowledge base and an extensive collective memory (> 60 years) for the drinking water sector. KWR develops and unlocks […]

Solvd Water Technology

Partner 21: Solvd Ltd. (SME) Solvd Ltd was formed in 2008 is a company based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK that provides IT solutions (Web Sites, Mobile Applications, Database Solutions, Web Applications and software for desktop & servers). Solvd have extensive experience designing, building, implementing and supporting large, secure multi-user web systems. Solvd have developed solutions […]

Stereograph Water Technology

Partner 20: Stereograph (SME) Stereograph was founded in 2006. It is now composed of 17 people, engineers and graphic designers. Stereograph activity is the creation of computer generated images, videos and virtual tours in the field of architecture, real estate development and urbanism. Stereograph has an extensive range of tools to represent the future project. […]

Mycometer Water Technology

Partner 18: Mycometer A/S (SME) For over ten years, Mycometer has developed user friendly, rapid, robust onsite microbiology methods for environmental and industry professionals, such as consultants, industrial hygienists and technical staff in water utilities. Mycometer is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Furthermore Mycometer has a subsidiary located in Tampa, Florida. Mycometer has a staff of […]

Homeria Water Technology

Partner 17: Homeria Open Solutions S.L. (SME) Homeria Open Solutions S.L. is a spin-off arisen from the Universidad de Extremadura (Spain). It was started in 2008 and its activity is focused on Web Engineering, Data Visualization and Business Intelligence in the Smart Cities environment. Homeria goes beyond the integration of third-party solutions: it produces its […]

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