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Posts in category SMEs

Kamstrup and Optiqua to offer solutio...

Kamstrup and Optiqua to offer solutions for real time water quality monitoring in a strategic partnership Stilling, Denmark, February 20 2017 – Kamstrup and Optiqua Technologies today announced their collaboration to bring Optiqua’s intelligent water quality monitoring solutions, in particular EventLab, to the Scandinavian, German and Polish markets. EventLab will be offered as part of […]

Optiqua Technologies and Shandong Pro...

July 12th, 2016 – Optiqua Technologies Pte Ltd, the Singapore-based provider of innovative water quality monitoring solutions, and Shandong Provincial Water & Waste Water Monitoring Center, have entered into a Research and Technology Collaboration to develop an integrated water quality monitoring solution for Shandong, based on Optiqua’s EventLab and MiniLab solutions. The first phase of […]

Real-time water contamination detecti...

Real-time water contamination detection and quality monitoring now available in GCC and key markets in Asia and Africa Dubai, UAE, 24 November 2016 – Metito and Optiqua Technologies today announced their collaboration to bring Optiqua’s intelligent water quality monitoring solutions, EventLab and MiniLab, to the countries in the Cooperation Council for Arab States on the […]

s::can and Grundfos Jointly Introduce...

s::can and Grundfos Jointly Introduce the Intelligent Disinfection Dosing System PRESS RELEASE Vienna, May 2016 Vienna, May 2016: Grundfos, Danish makers of industry-leading pump and dosing systems, and s::can, Austrian manufacturer of the most innovative online water quality sensors, are such a synergetic accomplishment that close cooperation between the two companies was only logical, and […]

Syrinix TransientMinder Installed on ...


Syrinix TransientMinder Installed on each main of the three plants supplying the City of Leeuwarden Syrinix TransientMinder units have been installed on each main of the three plants supplying the City of Leeuwarden, to monitor for transients caused by pumps, valves or other operations. These units were customized by Syrinix so that they are AC […]

s::can and Aaxis win data supply cont...

PRESS RELEASE Vienna, April 2016 s::can and Aaxis win data supply contract for Indian Clean Ganga Project Vienna, April 2016: Due to fast population growth, migration and industrialization, the pollution of the Ganges river has become a major issue for India and one of the biggest environmental challenges on earth. The Ganges river is a […]

Optiqua deploys a network of 80 Event...

Press Release Optiqua deploys a network of 80 EventLab sensors in the Vitens distribution system providing a solid foundation for Vitens intelligent water supply Mat 2th, 2016 – Optiqua has received an order from Vitens, the largest drinking water company in the Netherlands, for the supply of a network of 80 EventLab sensors in Friesland, The Netherlands. This […]

Optiqua Next Generation of Event Lab ...

EventLab–Online Water Quality Monitoring for Smart Water Networks Optiqua EventLab is a solution for real-time monitoring of water quality in networked applications such as drinking water distribution networks. EventLab is designed for deployment as a high density sensor network, with distributed sensor nodes connected to a central server for data collection and processing. A network […]

Solvd Water Technology

Partner 21: Solvd Ltd. (SME) Solvd Ltd was formed in 2008 is a company based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK that provides IT solutions (Web Sites, Mobile Applications, Database Solutions, Web Applications and software for desktop & servers). Solvd have extensive experience designing, building, implementing and supporting large, secure multi-user web systems. Solvd have developed solutions […]

Stereograph Water Technology

Partner 20: Stereograph (SME) Stereograph was founded in 2006. It is now composed of 17 people, engineers and graphic designers. Stereograph activity is the creation of computer generated images, videos and virtual tours in the field of architecture, real estate development and urbanism. Stereograph has an extensive range of tools to represent the future project. […]

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