Partner 17: Homeria Open Solutions S.L. (SME)
Homeria Open Solutions S.L. is a spin-off arisen from the Universidad de Extremadura (Spain). It was started in 2008 and its activity is focused on Web Engineering, Data Visualization and Business Intelligence in the Smart Cities environment. Homeria goes beyond the integration of third-party solutions: it produces its own technology to be used by other companies. In this sense, Homeria has developed RUX-Tool, a tool that allows the design of Web 2.0 User Interfaces and the consequent automatic code generation based on technologies of Rich Internet Applications like Flex or AJAX. RUX-Tool can work together with Model-Driven Web methodologies providing visual modelling of UIs for those applications already developed with these methodologies. RUX-Tool allows building nice dashboards for Business Intelligence systems, i.e. for monitoring water consume and simulating different scenarios in order to take decisions. In addition, Homeria offers training, consulting and developments using its own technology.

Website: www.homeria.com