Partner 18: Mycometer A/S (SME)
For over ten years, Mycometer has developed user friendly, rapid, robust onsite microbiology methods for environmental and industry professionals, such as consultants, industrial hygienists and technical staff in water utilities. Mycometer is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Furthermore Mycometer has a subsidiary located in Tampa, Florida. Mycometer has a staff of 7 full time employees and 7 part time employees. Mycometer has a turnover of € 2 million and in the past 5 years Mycometer has seen a steady organic growth averaging 25% a year. Our mission statement is to provide rapid methods for applied microbiology without compromising reproducibility and robustness. Mycometer products are USEPA (Environmental Protection Agency of USA) verified and the methods have been published in peer reviewed scientific journals. Recently Mycometer has launched an R&D project to develop an automated at-line system for monitoring microbiological water quality in the distribution network. The prototype will integrate data management, data interpretation and SCADA system communication. The system will provide a water management/ contamination detection system which can be an integrated part of an intelligent water distribution monitoring system and it will bridge the gap between traditional laboratory-based monitoring and practical water quality management in the water distribution chain, from raw water to the end user. Mycometer is the holder of patents and trademarks related to its core business.