Syrinix TransientMinder Installed on each main of the three plants supplying the City of Leeuwarden


Syrinix TransientMinder units have been installed on each main of the three plants supplying the City of Leeuwarden, to monitor for transients caused by pumps, valves or other operations. These units were customized by Syrinix so that they are AC powered with a battery as a backup, which allows for higher data communication without reducing the battery life (see picture). In the short time that the sensors have monitored, a not properly functioning valve was identified that causes a transient in the supply main of the Greuns reservoir.

In the city of Apeldoorn (outside the demo side) pipe bursts caused serious customer inconvenience which led to a replacement programme of 40 km of mains in this area. This project may by itself lead to pipe bursts due to the increased valve operations. Vitens has purchased multiple additional PipeMinder units to monitor for ‘external’ transients (e.g. by pump operations) that led to the initial pipe bursts and to monitor for transients due to the valve operations. These units are to be installed in the coming months.