Vitens is nominated for a Aquatech Innovation Award 2015 in the category ‘Not-yet-to-market’ with CAGIS: Real-time Customer Alert GIS, Vitens. CAGIS is a geographical operations dashboard displaying customer interactions (phone calls, tweets) and sensor alerts used by the operations department to identify events as pipe leaks and water quality problems much faster, ideally before a customer takes notice of an event. For more information:

Vitens also received a ‘special mention’ for a Aquatech Innovation Award 2015 with a serious water game developed by Grendel Games (, in which real-time water consumption data of participating households is used in the game. Water company Vitens and the province of Friesland organize a District & Water Battle. In this battle local residents and school children together look at water consumption in households. The goal is to gain more insight in the water and energy consumption, to share knowledge and, ultimately, to bring about a change in water consumption. This change in the consumption of water, preferably lowering peak demands, will also lead to a reduction in energy consumption. For more information (in Dutch):