This game is being developed to address peak level load on the water network. The water structure is being put under stress by people utilizing the water network at the same time. It provides a lot of problems in the water company and we decided to create a video game to motivate children, to keep them in touch with people in their neighborhood and basically have them solve the problem together. The children will be playing a platform game on their smartphone device and this platform game is directly connected to the water grill. By playing this video game, they are basically sending messages to the people in the neighborhood and the people in the neighborhood will be viewing these messages on a different application that will inform them on their water usage. If the people in the neighborhood are actually responding to what the children are doing the virtual water level in their platform game will change providing them with better opportunities to finish the game. Children really love the game, because it’s intrinsically motivating. They are being offered different challenges. And they love using a game that affects how water is being used in their neighborhood. They are responsible for their neighborhood as well and by playing this video game they can actually affect what’s going on.